- Chief Diana Chen

  • The Visionary

    Once in a while, you meet people who are steps ahead of the pack, as though they see into the future. A few times, you meet people who create paths through uncharted territories. On these roads, there are no maps.

    They rely on their instincts as their compasses, as they chart new courses. Once they make their mark, other people start following their path.

    Diana Chen, is one of these few people. Hers is a story of perseverance, of toiling through unmarked dirt roads. Hers is a story of real survival for the female gender in the thick of business.

    The story is tougher, the toil is harder, the conjectures are harsher, and this makes the winning sweeter.

In a world where women are still relegated to kitchens and the other room, women are just dots on the canvass of entrepreneurship, finding a woman standing strong is commendable. Beyond the commendation, it is also important to tell their story because not much has evolved in a constantly evolving world; it is still quite difficult to find women in corridors of power. It is practically the same way a gecko would be found in the palace.
The world continues to restrict women from coming close to the throne.

It indeed takes a lot to conquer these stereotypes, sometimes you have to become a special breed to break through the glass ceiling. Like Diana Chen.